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H20: How Much Is Too Much?

Water keeps our body active and is a drink that we’re all too familiar with. We’re told that 8 daily ounces of the beverage is the ideal amount – but what are the limits that our body can take? I think at some point in our life, we’ve all asked ourselves the question: “How much water consumption is too much?”. So we decided to take a deeper dive into the question.

Does anyone remember seeing an uprising of ‘water diet’ stories in the news several years ago? I noticed that all of those stories had something in common: hospitalization. Water dieting is a new term for a lot of us, and is a retro approach to rapidly burning off those extra pounds. So what is the ‘water diet’? The objective behind the water diet is really simple: Drink water and only water.

In short, there are definitely risks associated with this diet. Before you think about participating, here are a few direct (and common) effects of indulging in a water diet:

  • Water diets cut off your protein intake
  • They are also low in calories.
  • You’re not going to feel so great while doing it.
  • Your energy levels will surely plummet.
  • The approach is scientifically unfounded.
So, with that being said, how can you safely get that beach body without worrying about a trip to the ER? Here’s a great list of 26 ways you can accomplish that. And by the way, if you’re struggling to shave off unwanted weight and nothing on that list is appealing to you, you could always learn more about our FDA approved Vevazz Lipo therapy.