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It all started…

with a drawing of a infinity circle surrounding the letter V. Obviously this stood for the new business Flavia wanted to create. She knew then, that combining eastern philosophy medicine practices and modern recovery methods could help not only athletes but people who needed relief from chronic day-to-day pain. Vita Whole Body & Cryo opened its doors in November of 2017.

Vita Cryotherapy Studios is a wellness center that was established in 2017. 

The owner, Flavia Souza, Was constantly seeking treatments for her wellness and recovery. She found herself traveling into Manhattan on a weekly basis and enjoying the benefits of cryotherapy, flotation, sauna, red light therapy, and much more. She found benefits in these therapies after working full time and training Brazillian Jiu Jitsu.

Her husband Randy Gonzales who is a NY state board Licensed Acupuncturist, and also a martial artist, decided to join forces and create a facility where patients in the greater Long Island area can receive these types of treatments. Long and behold , Vita cryotherapy studios was created and offered exactly that.

Opening in 2017 state of the art facility in Setauket New York, Vita made waves in the industry offering treatments like Acupuncture, Cupping, sauna, red light therapy, body composition analysis, facial rejuvenation, laser therapy, weight-loss treatments,… And much more! With 8 treatment rooms, five acupuncturists, a PA, a physical therapist, and a functional patterns exercise therapist, Vita Cryotherapy Studios was ahead of its time offering a combination of all these therapies. 

Early 2019 by the cryotherapy studio expanded into South Hampton and Park avenue NYC, and began collaborating with events with Christie Brinkley South Hampton sweat, Jennifer Lopez, and A-Rod, and Conor Mcgregor, along with many local competitors and professional competitors from all around the world inside the South Hampton Brazilian jujitsu facility.

Then the ever-changing Covid-19 happened!! 

Today, 2 beautiful  state of the art facilities are located in Brentwood and Satauket, and offer all the amazing services. Vita Cryotherapy Studios also active in the local community sponsoring local schools such as Ward Melville high school sports, working in collaboration with Suffolk County football club, Tapmedia productions and Long Island Jiu Jitsu network. Also giving back to local police organizations such as the Suffolk County,  9/11 Family funds, to the Police benevolent association, and donations to help with Female Latin American owned business’, and constant lending activities in South and Central American family business through A program called Kiva. 

We at Vita Cryotherapy Studios take pride in supporting our local police, schools, sports clubs, and abroad in Latin American countries. 

Randy Moon &
Flavia Souza

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