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One of the main differences between our infrared saunas and traditional saunas is how they supply heat. Traditional saunas normally use a single heater that heats both the air and the user.  In contrast, IR Saunas heats the user directly with only a very small percentage of the heat warming the air. Because of this, the user experiences a deeper sweat at a lower ambient air temperature.

Instead of using steam or the traditional heating elements, our infrared sauna heaters use infrared rays to promote relaxation and other health benefits. Infrared rays are invisible wavelengths (what makes the sun feel warm) that scientists have established is beneficial to the human body because they are easily absorbed, stimulating the lymphatic, immune and cardiovascular systems.  Infrared rays also help eliminate harmful and unnecessary toxins from the body.


  • $35 – 25 minute duration


  • Improve Cardiovascular Performance
  • Relax Muscles and Joints
  • Flush Toxins
  • Improve Mental Health
  • Induce a Deeper Sleep
  • Cleanses the Skin
  • Burn Calories
  • Relieve Stress

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